Life Well Lived

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Seasoned with many years

This ancient man delights

Very little he fears

Life tastes humble highlights


Living alone these days

Outliving many friends

Memories still ablaze

Through color-filled zoom lens


Nearly century old

Blessed career long gone

Bride’s love never grows cold

Still waking up at dawn


Sits at kitchen table

Daily Bible reading

Praying through God’s cable

Lord’s “Bread of Life” feeding


Walking at nearby park

Bench invites him to sit

Lifetime’s blossoming spark

Dreaming shall never quit


Parked at life’s interchange

Lifetime’s poetry writes

Witnessing time’s changes

Faith and love holding tight 


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19 thoughts on “Life Well Lived

  1. I turn 80 this year and can attest to being in one of the most interesting phases of a live fully lived. Your style is so measured, beautiful and packed. Writing about this time of life isn’t easy for much younger people yet grasp. But you have captured a lovely aspect of it in such a poignant, colorful way. Thanks for sharing it with us. hugs, pat

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    • Pat, thank you for sharing. While I am a few years shy of 70, these reflections look forward in a way that says “embrace each day.” I agree that many younger people could learn from our cache of wisdom.

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