Bewitching Storm

Photo by Josh Hild on

Nasty winter gale approaching

Forecast broadcasting storm warning

Heavy snow, high winds, Arctic cold

Village alarms sound by morning


Life transcends to total frenzy

Salt trucks loaded, very much ready

Snow plow crews set for night’s work

Village life scrambling, unsteady


Packed grocery stores in chaos

Hurried, panic-filled shopping carts

Shelves urgently growing empty

Village pace quickens beating hearts


Students anticipate closings

Looking forward, lazy “Snow Day”

No classes, no books, no lessons

Village hunkers down, people pray


Winter storm “Tabitha” churning

Pondering, bewitching blizzard

Overnight fury passes on

Village eluding storm’s wizard


Photo by Pixabay on

The Weather Channel has been naming winter storms in America since 2012-2013.  You may have picked up the connection between the “bewitching” blizzard and the name of the storm “Tabitha.”  Tabitha is one of the available winter storm names for the 2020-2021 winter.  Tabitha is also the daughter of Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) on the successful American sitcom “Bewitched” from 1964-1972.

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