Winter’s Playfulness

Photo by Ivars on

Quiet autumn afternoon croons

Turning crystal white much too soon


Tree’s colorful, festive heart breaks

Collecting endless white snowflakes


Guarded weather forecast tonight

Predicting quickest shot of white


Overnight, all signals splinter

Transforming autumn into winter


Morning arrives, sharing delight

Witnessing a land, white and bright


Massive neighborhood tree now frowns

Missing some branches, crashing down


Silence broken, machines at play

Blowing heavy, wet snow away


Others working as busy bees

Shoveling sidewalk paths, now free


Laughter punctuates winter’s air

Watching children, playing in pairs


City avenues filling with cars

Sliding and crashing, near and far


Winter’s sense of humor snowballs

Spoiling autumn’s last curtain call


But wait, a few days down the road

Coming back, fall’s last episode


Days numbered, autumn’s final turn

Waiting for winter’s cold return


Photo by Victoria Borodinova on

29 thoughts on “Winter’s Playfulness

    • Thanks Lisa. Being a Buckeye after living many years under the Big Sky, I agree. For some reason, central Ohio doesn’t seem to experience the winter weather quite like northeast Ohio. Lake Erie knows where to dump the snow.

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