This poem takes a different route from much of my usual poetry.  It begins with the word “incessant” and carries this meaning throughout the poem with various synonyms.  Using free verse, the number of syllables remains consistent with seven in the odd-numbered lines and ten in the even-numbered ones.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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Early in the morning’s peace

Welcoming the incessant quietness


Predawn light creates shadows

Enjoying their unending playfulness


Cool, crisp air signals autumn

Witnessing the season’s ceaseless nature


Solitary doe walks nearby

Looking for tender grass, endless craving


Neighbor walking her collie

Moving with an uninterrupted pace


Front porch provides morning roost

Dreaming now of countless, unbroken thoughts


Past memories parade on by

Watching an ongoing video show


Former students fill the room

Flourishing with unflagging attention


Grandchildren always gather

Hearing constant laughter, bringing a smile


North wind gusts with icy chill

Feeling winter biting with nonstop bliss


Frigid cold invades the porch

Warming now, by persistent fireplace flames


Life has been kind, a blessing

Spending everlasting time with our Lord


From the front porch, one can sit and watch the entire day unfold.

20 thoughts on “Incessant

  1. Beautiful poem, Richard! The predawn is my favorite because I get to sit on my back porch and watch the Eastern skies turn a brownish-purple, than slowly change into that gorgeous orangy-pink color! I don’t know why but I’ve loved watching it since I was a kid. 🙂

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