Hamlet’s Summer Day

The inspiration for this poem comes from a photograph published on Jan’s blog in her “Wordless Wednesday” post.  Check out her site for some wonderful poetry, inspiration, photography, and so much more.  There is probably a hint (yes, definitely) of the rustic and tranquil life experienced in the small communities of western Montana.

green mountains near river under blue sky

Photo by Wiriyah Ruechaipanit on Pexels.com

Picturesque, isolated hamlet

Resting below mountainous shadows

Nestled along lake’s calming fingers

Life’s narrative writing tranquil prose


Sunrise crawls over the mountaintop

Cruising silently in their small boat

Early to rise anglers find their spot

Baiting hooks for trout with rainbow coats


Soon village shops begin to open

Curious shoppers fill crowded streets

Welcoming Farmers’ Market today

Locals selling homegrown goods and treats


Later, stillness returns to the town

Sunny, summer day comes to an end

Sun setting behind lake’s dozing shore

Waiting for tomorrow’s best friends

brown wooden boat on dock during sunset

Photo by Maximilian Münzl on Pexels.com

21 thoughts on “Hamlet’s Summer Day

  1. What a beautiful rendition of our lovely little sleepy town … less than 1,000 residents with more than 1,000,000 fish and boats full of hopeful fishermen and women! So glad to see it open up again with guides able to once again make a living. ❤ Yup, and the shops are open. Thank God!

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