Seeking God’s Wisdom


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The text used for this poem is based upon Proverbs Chapter 10, with the 10th verse taking center stage:  “The wise lay up knowledge, but the babbling of a fool brings ruin.”

Seek God’s wisdom

His words bring wealth


A benevolent father

Welcomes a wise child


Virtue always delivers

Never going hungry


The judicious of heart

Follow the Commandments


Always walk in integrity

Makes for a secure life


Boldly call out trouble

Brings peace to life


Use righteous words

Build a fountain of life


Hate stirs up trouble

Love heals our offenses


Crave absorbing wisdom

Ignore a blathering fool


Lead a honorable life

Shun sinful behaviors


Be prudent when speaking

Use a blameless tongue


Seek the Lord’s blessings

Come in reverent prayer


Follow our heavenly Father

His stronghold protects us



20 thoughts on “Seeking God’s Wisdom

  1. This is very good Richard!! So much to take in and ponder. It’s hard to know how to boldly “call out trouble” ….His guidance is sure. Thank you!!


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