Sometimes . . .

person at the desert

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Sometimes . . .

A heart and soul experience nothing but emptiness

Searching for a life overflowing with more happiness

Family and friends stop over, sharing bushels of love

Extending God’s righteousness, working from above


Sometimes . . .

A body no longer feels as young as it once was

Declining, outdated, and ancient, just because

Changes in a lifestyle produce renewal of life

Experiencing energy again, without the strife


Sometimes . . .

The day fills with shadows of darkness, without light

Questioning why this life no longer continues to fight

Next day’s sunrise brings a sustaining change

Illuminating the way, because God is His name


Sometimes . . .

This job generates nothing, only constant distress

Feeling passed over by others who perform less

Then one day, opportunity knocks at the door

Receiving that promotion, evens up the score


Sometimes . . .

Life feels like walking the treadmill all day

Ending out of breath, with nothing to say

Faithfulness enters a heart with a new intention

Accepting God’s grace, a total transformation


When life brings us challenges, our faith is sometimes challenged.  We just need to remember that our God is a righteous and faithful one filled with immense love and thanksgiving.

Here are some previously published poems that explore a variety of life’s challenges.  May we always remain faithful towards our Lord.


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