Final Shot

I have been enjoying some fun with writing micro short stories.  Here is my second attempt with 99 words.  Enjoy the suspenseful surprise at the end!


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The gymnasium thunders with cheers as the Bears steal a pass and score to lead by a single point.

The game clock counts down the final seconds.  Whistle blows!

One of the Bears’ starters falls with injury.  A little-used sub enters the contest, appearing anxious to enter the big game.

To seal victory, the Bears only need to pass the ball inbounds.  Beneath the opponent’s basket, stands a wide-open player—the sub!

He cleaning catches the pass, faces the basket, and shoots.


Oh my!

Game over!

The eager sub just scored the winning basket for the other team.


If you enjoyed this small taste of my short story writing, perhaps you are ready for one of my previously published short stories.  While these are longer in length, they have proven to be quite entertaining.

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