Finding Last-Minute Gifts

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Scanning my unique Christmas list for another year

Wondering if anyone is still shopping without fear

The number of Christmas shopping days will run out soon

Hopeful merchants want receipts to total up to the moon

Searching everywhere for gift ideas unique and new

Could my special someone really need and use a few?

A 21st Century home needs to stay up-to-date

Out with old gadgets, in with the new is its fate

Some gifts are for grown-ups—still being cool and rocking!

This ultimate Christmas list will fill up anyone’s stocking

A cordless wine opener quickly comes to my mind

Where is that old corkscrew in a drawer to find?

A waffle bowl maker just might surprise and do the trick

Perfect for filling with ice cream so decadent and thick

Tired from cleaning my home with effort too much

Perhaps a floor mopping robot has the magic touch

Serious wine drinkers keep refilling their glass

The Chugmate keeps one’s goblet filled in a dash

Spying a toilet paper blaster to add to one’s fun

Shooting bits of bath tissue at my little grandson

Special and unique gifts for anyone on your list

Search online today for those last-minute gifts


Haiku Series #4

Never Say No

Stepping on the scale

Weight runs past my lofty goal

Another donut?



Morning will arrive

Dawn ushers in a bright sun

A beautiful day!


Weary from Campaign Ads

Bombard the airwaves

Some filled with angry half truths

Television turned OFF!


The Yellow Pages

Arrive on schedule

What use do they even have?

Small shelf overflows


Morning Light

Early dawn arrives

Scented candle lights the table

Shadows dance around 


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Sweet Tasting Fruit Cake

Another Christmas is approaching, soon to be here

Sharing a delicious treat, makes one’s mission clear

Chef Benson’s “Old Home Classic” has been baked

Running to the local grocery, to find one to take

Christmas fruit cakes fill a shopping cart

Making each shopper feel clever and smart

Each cake is guaranteed to surprise and please

Weighing a full pound, taste buds will be teased

Each fruit cake is prepared with home-baked care

Allowing many, many others to send one to share

The highest quality ingredients go into each slice

Bringing a rich sweetness that will very likely entice

The special recipe includes ingredients plus yummy fruit

Filled with golden raisins, cherries, and pineapple to suit

Pecan and walnut pieces add much to the flavor

Tasting this delicious cake is something to savor

Each serving is filled with additional nutrition so great

Adding high fructose corn syrup, hunger meets its fate

Benson’s special fruit cake makes a great gift each year

Sending to all of one’s family and friends far and near

Each package comes without any expiration date

Re-gifting this cake to someone else may be its fate


This delectable fruit cake is just waiting for someone to taste!


Making a Difference

Anchoring the Southside on Parsons Avenue

Buckeye Middle School offers quite a view

Providing a safe, caring, and nurturing school

The dedicated staff is the definition of “cool”

Displaying patience despite the daily grind

Everyone makes a difference in all they find

Working as a team throughout the school year

They face many challenges without any fear

Working at their craft each and every day

All have chosen a worthy profession they say

Giving a great deal of themselves and so much more

A humble and hardworking team has much in store

Saluting the Buckeye staff as heroes above the rest

Hats off to all of them for doing their very best!

Buckeye Middle School

Many good memories of Buckeye Middle School.

Haiku Series #3

Black Friday Shopping

Out early this morn

Waiting for an eternity

Finding toy is gone!


Ice Storm

Waking up to ice!

Frightening and scary drive

Arrive in one piece


Tom is My Name 

Do you ever think?

Why are male turkeys called Tom?

Makes one curious


Traffic Jam

Morning trip to work

Piles of paperwork to do

Stuck in traffic—NO!



Ignoring the odds

Caterpillar crossing road

Never giving up!

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Winter’s Opening Blast

2018 November 21 Moyer Sadie Turkey 009

Autumn needs to last for a few more weeks

But winter never arrives being far too meek

Overnight rain showers soak the Buckeye land

Then ice forms out of winter’s freezing hand

Winter’s icy arrival causes autumn to leave and bow out

The landscape cannot fight off winter’s mighty clout

Tree branches bend under the weight of the freezing rain

Shrouded in ice, cars will need scrapping—oh, what a pain!

Some schools cancel classes while others delay

Winter’s frozen grip will have the final say

Slowly the ice melts away, and the fall landscape returns

Only to see winter arrive once again, taking a left turn

Late evening snowflakes find their way to the ground

Now the grass lies hidden without making a sound

Winter has returned unexpectedly again this year

Let’s hope its snowy grip doesn’t bring too much fear