Finding Last-Minute Gifts

balls bow boxes candle

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on

Scanning my unique Christmas list for another year

Wondering if anyone is still shopping without fear

The number of Christmas shopping days will run out soon

Hopeful merchants want receipts to total up to the moon

Searching everywhere for gift ideas unique and new

Could my special someone really need and use a few?

A 21st Century home needs to stay up-to-date

Out with old gadgets, in with the new is its fate

Some gifts are for grown-ups—still being cool and rocking!

This ultimate Christmas list will fill up anyone’s stocking

A cordless wine opener quickly comes to my mind

Where is that old corkscrew in a drawer to find?

A waffle bowl maker just might surprise and do the trick

Perfect for filling with ice cream so decadent and thick

Tired from cleaning my home with effort too much

Perhaps a floor mopping robot has the magic touch

Serious wine drinkers keep refilling their glass

The Chugmate keeps one’s goblet filled in a dash

Spying a toilet paper blaster to add to one’s fun

Shooting bits of bath tissue at my little grandson

Special and unique gifts for anyone on your list

Search online today for those last-minute gifts


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