Monday Memories: If I Was a . . .

This poem is inspired by a song which has been sung by many artists.  Bobby Darin and later Johnny Cash and June Carter recorded their versions of “If I Were a Carpenter.”   The song was written by Tim Hardin, and other artists have recorded and performed the song as well.  Here is Bobby Darin’s version:  “If I Were a Carpenter.”

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If I was a teacher

Bringing energy, passion, and patience

Showcasing learning as school’s top feature


If I was a firefighter

Serving with unselfish duty and pride

Protecting all, making worries lighter


If I was an architect

Designing buildings for many uses

Looking ahead to challenging projects


If I was a farmer

Rising at dawn, working until sundown

Bringing a nation food, as God’s armor


If I was a nurse

Sharing with patient, compassionate care

Filling lives with hope, never for the worse


If I was a writer

Crafting words into stories and much more

Witnessing through eyes, open and brighter


If I was a musician

Creating good vibes through words and music

Entertaining songs’ perfect rendition


If I was a preacher

Instilling God’s Word within a church’s flock

Encouraged to be one of God’s teachers


If I was a soldier

Preserving peace and freedom in the world

Band of brothers, stand shoulder to shoulder


If I was a young tyke

Looking up to these inspiring adults

Growing up, each day feeling more alike

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Originally published March, 2020.

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