Another Day (Haiku Series #218)

Quiet Perseverance

Reasons to finish

Overcoming challenges—

Never giving in

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on

Yesterday’s Peace

Time’s quiet moments

Opening each memory—

Never forgotten

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Treasures Waiting

In searching life’s depths

Finding intended nuggets—

Few others shall see

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5 thoughts on “Another Day (Haiku Series #218)

  1. The cherished memories one spoke to me this morning. I have a coffee table filled with envelopes of photos of my childhood and that of our children.I dragged them out recently in order to find a photo of my daughter at her high school prom. The process took longer than it should have because each photo that I shuffled through spoke to my heart so it was difficult to go through them quickly.

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