Winter’s Expressions (Haiku Series #211)

Ante Up!

Icy, foggy screen

Hiding wintertime’s next move—

Holding nature’s cards

Photo by Natalia Hutak on

Ready or Not!

Overnight snowfall

Friendly, gentle flakes falling—

Morning’s traffic slows

Photo by Pedro Monteiro on

Echoing Joy!

Lofty mountain peak

Let it snow, let it snow more—

Skiers celebrate

Photo by Fede Roveda on

10 thoughts on “Winter’s Expressions (Haiku Series #211)

  1. Winter comes whether we are ready or not. I like seeing the fresh snow because it reminds me of the verse in Isaiah about how clean I am now that Jesus has washed away my sins. In Maine, since there was so much snow for so many months, the old snow got dirty and looked really yucky. I likened that to returning to our sin…we were white but we have to stay that way be staying prayed up and confessing to the Lord when we sin instead of keeping it inside us until it bursts on the scene for others to notice.

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