“Real” Winter Arrives

December, 2022 will be one to remember for most of the United States.  A poet’s reflections fill these verses while looking out a kitchen window.  Always glad to be inside and staying warm when the wind chill plunges to -30 degrees.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Weather predictions hold true

More winter, never seems through


Cold, Arctic air sets up camp

Long-forgotten, frigid scamp


“Real” winter arrives in strength

Transmitting on all wavelengths


Morning light arrives, dark gray

Sunshine hiding this Friday


Landscape shivers under white

Every creature taking flight


Freezing wind never lets up

Wintertime’s polar holdup


Wind gust rocks home’s foundation

Turning on weather station


Snowy drifts growing deeper

Frosty, trusty doorkeeper


Barren trees bend against squall

No longer standing so tall


Life scatters, seeking shelter

Winter storm’s helter-skelter


Visibility nearly gone

Snow heavier than chiffon


Quiet roads, traffic withdrawn

No orders from Amazon


Keeping each home’s fire burning

Warming hearts, day keeps churning


Cup of cocoa, not enough

Snowing outside, rough and tough


Grabbing pair of heavy socks

Thawing frozen toes’ icebox


Sitting at writing table

Poet ready and able


Candle’s light dances like wind

Framing this coldest weekend


Photo by Fallon Michael on Pexels.com

Perhaps this cup of hot cocoa will do the trick . . . along with extra marshmallows!

23 thoughts on ““Real” Winter Arrives

  1. Cold here in VA last night. We are blessed to still have electricity and water. Our water sputtered and went off but then started again, so praise God. Our lights flickered three times but stayed on so we had heat all night. God is good and took care of us. I pray for those without heat or electricity today because the temps remain below freezing until Tuesday. We are supposed to travel to MD today, so prayers appreciated for traveling mercies and safety. Harry will return home after the New Year and I will stay there for the month of January to do childcare. Harry calls it my “deployment.”

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  2. Brrr … makes me shiver just reading this 🥶 So glad to be in CA with blue sky and warm air! Stay well covered, Richard. That hot chocolate looks yummy! I need to go get some with extra marshmallows!!

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