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Searching attic’s hidden treasures

Opening ancient cedar chest

Well-preserved photo album smiles

Connections with family’s quest


Scanning morning’s endless gray sky

Feeling forgotten and alone

Phone rings, lifting away sadness

Connections with daughter’s milestone


Driving endless summer backroads

Coming to destination’s gift

Rustic cabin by mountain lake

Connections waken life’s gearshift


Sitting near frosty window glass

Watching winter’s chilling landscape

Mail carrier drops off letter

Connections with friend’s warm escape


Spending lifetime in school’s classroom

Touching so many youthful lives

Cumulative cache of memories

Connections stir teacher’s archives


Taken in August, 2017, my classroom is ready for my “final” first day of classes at Buckeye Middle School.

10 thoughts on “Connections

  1. We make connections daily and sometimes we don’t recognize that there was a connection until long after the moment is past. Your word pictures are always amazing and this morning they gave me a smile as I remembered the connections I have made, with family, friends and students. Fond memories!

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