Remembering Yesterday

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Remembering yesterday

Memories writing screenplays


Unlocking moments in time

Back to days of youthful prime


Recalling life’s endless scenes

Thoughts fill so many big screens


Recounting countless favors

Smorgasbord of sweet flavors


Dreaming now, time standing still

Every mile traveled downhill


Savoring secret tidbits

Without mass media blitz


Reliving forgotten past

Days can never be recast


Harkening back to past friends

Encouragement’s dividends


Noting previous mistakes

Life offers one more retake


Beholding smallest of gifts

Miracles’ blessings uplift


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15 thoughts on “Remembering Yesterday

  1. Your poetry is a ministry that brightens our days. Thank you my friend.
    May you have a wonderful weekend filled with joy and peace. May your walk with the Father be deep and refreshing. May your family be happy and blessed. And may the prayers of your heart be heard and answered.

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