Monday Memories: Spring Arrives

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The calendar affirms that spring has arrived

Why then did the weather take a snowy dive?


Heavy, wet snow arrives overnight

Is this some terrible joke, not right?


Instead of spring, we now experience deep snow

Where is the snow shovel when we need it now?


Well . . . Have no concern at all, for you see

A poet can write about most anything to be


Thankfully, there is really no snow to spoil spring

When will warmth replace winter’s frosty sting?


Even the songbirds remain quite bunched up for now

On powerlines high above, they sing and take a bow


Again, the calendar sets the date of a new season

Why should we believe the date for any reason?


This past winter has indeed soured our attitude

When will Mother Nature give us some latitude?


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8 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Spring Arrives

  1. Humorous post that brings back memories of our years in Northern Maine where it snowed until late May and sometimes even during the summer months. In fact, we had a blizzard one year on our anniversary in late April. To say I was distraught is a gross understatement since I don’t like snow, but I do trust God and He is the Master Weatherman.

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    • Vickie, thanks for sharing these special memories. Growing up in Montana, I can remember a mid-April snowstorm. My brothers and I had plenty of snow to shovel after we received nearly a foot and a half. Indeed, placing our trust in God is an important life’s lesson. Grace be with you.

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  3. lol I heartily relate … we are nearly in winter, a few calendar weeks away, and yesterday was our first sunny hot day in over a year! We still had showers off and on but we always welcome a break from the torrential downpours and wild winds 🙂

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