Vision Clears

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Broken and waiting

Stumble, now falling

Mankind blind and lost

Grace always calling


Spirit picks us up

Reach for Father’s hand

Love fills empty cup

Vision clears as planned


Ask God our questions

Read Bible’s story

Taste Scripture’s account

Witness His glory


Lift eyes up high

Breathe in heaven’s love

God’s promises fly

Goodness from above


Wait for our Father

Hold tight to faith’s hand

His hope comes on board

Salvation’s steel band


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9 thoughts on “Vision Clears

    • Susan, thanks for this affirmation. So much of my Christian poetry is filled with hope. When I look around at the world, I can understand why. God is the ultimate therapist for our spiritual needs.


  1. I especially love this stanza: “Lift eyes up high/Breathe in heaven’s love/God’s promises fly/Goodness from above.” As I watch the atrocities going on in the Ukraine, I am more than ready to breathe in heaven’s love and see His goodness rain in from above!

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