God’s Presence

From Psalm 19:1:  “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork.”

Photo by vishal amin on Pexels.com

Witnessing God’s presence

Singing of His glory

Creation shouts with joy

Reading Bible’s story


Declaring His knowledge

Forming this earthly place

Father’s ageless Word speaks

Filling eternal grace


Blessing heavens above

Seeing Creator’s hand

God’s perfect plan at work

Spanning across this land


Soaring with each sunrise

Praising from empty tomb

Son of God defeats death

Breathing faith, now in bloom


Lasting Word from God’s heart

Covering creation

Blessed rock and refuge

Forming life’s foundation


Photo by u0410nna Medseason on Pexels.com

From Psalm 19:14:  “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

12 thoughts on “God’s Presence

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  2. Appreciate, “Breathing faith, now in bloom.” When I watch the plants popping out hard cold ground, and know that I can not stop them from blooming, I’m reminded life and renewal can’t be stopped. Thanks for the poetry and images.

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