Grace of God (Elfchen Series #91)



Life’s blizzard

Plowing far ahead

God clears our path


Courtesy of Pinterest



Father’s gift

Open it now

Grace and love offering


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on



Highway’s darkness

Salvation’s bright floodlights

Follow, accept Christ’s grace


Photo by Steve Pancrate on

17 thoughts on “Grace of God (Elfchen Series #91)

  1. I wish I could still have a strong faith like that. Unfortunately, I’ve become more disillusioned and cynical as time has gone on, probably because I experienced a lot of religious trauma, as well as regular trauma. Hopefully as time goes by I’ll find some kind of faith and inner peace that works for me. I’m always glad to see others who have it though 🙂

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  3. My inbox has over a thousand e-mails because of the Bloganuary posts. I missed some of your blogs during this Christmas/New Years/RSV period of my life. This is one that I am glad I saved. Tonight as I am trying to catch up on my reading, these Haiku were just what I needed. Yes, leading, accepting, and transforming… bring it on, Lord. I need all three!!

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