Life at Home (Haiku Series #164)

Dad’s Cooking

Friday night dinner

Mom’s day off in the kitchen—

Bucket of chicken

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Trial Run

Teenager’s first drive

Seatbelt fastened and secure—

Still parked in driveway

Photo by Kindel Media on

Around the Clock

Open for business

Fridge full of tasty morsels—

Door always unlocked

Photo by Cleyder Duque on

13 thoughts on “Life at Home (Haiku Series #164)

  1. “Trial Run” reminded me of my dad teaching me to drive when I was in high school. Those were the days of stick shifts, and the place was Iowa. After I’d been driving for a couple of months, winter arrived. He took me to the empty shopping mall parking lot at the edge of town and taught me how to drive on ice, including making me go into intentional skids. Twenty years later, someone hit my car like a pool ball. I was going 60, and the police thought the other driver might have been going over a hundred when he hit me on the left rear. Through it all, I “heard” my dad saying, “Steer into the skid,” and it may well have saved my life.

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      • Ha! You should see them in Houston! Back in the 1980s, when so many people were moving here from Michigan and such, those ‘expat’ workers would gather in the downtown walkways above the freeways and laugh at the locals trying to make their way through the 1/4″ of snow.

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