Monday Memories: Sunrise

Walking in the morning pre-dawn light

Waiting for the sun to resume its flight


Hearing the birds chirping familiar tunes

Feeling happy that spring will arrive soon


Stepping briskly along the charming path

Anticipating the sun bringing a warm bath


Seeing the shadows change and dance

Clearing a mind from its dormant trance


Witnessing God’s immense creation at dawn

Blessing with unique images that it spawns


Dashing in front goes a frightened rabbit

Making his morning visit a welcome habit


Dreaming of walking here each and every day

Picturing a scenic sunrise so appealing to say


Lifting above the distant horizon to bring a delight

Radiating sunrise brightens the morn with its light


This poem was written and published in March, 2019.  I frequently walk at two nearby nature parks, and it is always a delight to catch the sunrise (especially if my camera is handy).

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