Monday Memories: Mom’s Summer Woes

This free-verse poem was originally published in June, 2019.  While the theme is filled with humor, between the lines one can read about the endless duties of a mother.  In this case, she is busy during a summer’s break from the school year routines.  This repost is dedicated to all mothers for a job well done!

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Summer finally arrives

Breaking from school routines

Children eager, excited, hyper-filled, energized

When does Mom get to take a break?


Chauffeuring children everywhere

Swimming lessons, sports camps

Gas tank never seems full

When does Mom ever get to run to a special place?


Thunderstorms pop up

Bringing their usual culprits

Rain, wind, hail, lightning, thunder

How did Mom’s new umbrella end up in the yard?


Enjoyable family gatherings

Long picnics, games aplenty

Lots of tasty food prepared

But Mom—why are we picking up a bucket at KFC?


Travel plans made

Laundry, packing, laundry, repacking

Mom still must be “Mom”

When does Mom get to enjoy “her” vacation?


School arrives again

Summer finally over—finally!

Bus leaves with the kiddos

Why does Mom hit the snooze again?


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