Spring’s Hiatus

Beautiful spring afternoon in central Ohio.

Delightful spring day

Soon approaching May


Open window’s view

Life’s freshness streams through


Everything alive

Nature’s best arrives


Birds fill nearby tree

Songs tweeting with glee


Virginia bluebells

Blooming, much to tell


Squirrels all about

Springtime’s early scout


Tree canopy swells

Leaves cast greenest spells


Geese gather in pairs

Nesting with love’s care


Smelling fresh-mown grass

Yards looking first-class


Sometimes nature blinks

At times, summer winks


Time to plant gardens

But, beg your pardon!


Overnight, snow calls

Spring’s waltz quickly stalls


Home furnace heats up

Winter stirs mix-up


Spring’s hiatus brings

Snowflakes’ final sting

Winter greets early spring morning.

17 thoughts on “Spring’s Hiatus

    • Speaking of mud, I lived in a very small town in southeastern Montana when I began teaching (Plevna). The roads were made from crushed scoria, and its reddish tint would color the mud the same color when the spring thaw arrived.

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