Monday Memories: Oh Brother!

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Oh, Brother!


Sometimes people look at me in a sort of puzzlin’ way

They just don’t appreciate my approach to each day


Through their eyes, I must be an utter red-neck

They fail to understand my life, not one lil’ speck


Some say I have an accent when speakin’

Darn if I know, I’m just talkin’ and seekin’


Before I digress too much further, let’s see

I live in America, lookin’ always to be free


My Daddy taught me the major differences in life

Between right and wrong, always love one’s wife


My Mommy shared her love of nature’s delights

Her bountiful garden, with colors always bright


Growin’ up in an awfully small, yet welcome place

Life remain’ balanced and gentle, a relaxin’ pace


Joinin’ the U.S. Navy at the earliest possible age

Livin’ on an aircraft carrier, like workin’ in a cage


Comin’ ashore to meet a lady for a date

Becomin’ my lovely wife and first mate


Receivin’ a degree with honors from Silage Tech

Not regrettin’ my time there, never wantin’ to fret


My best friends live and labor on farms and ranches

We hook-up on Saturday nights for fun-filled dances


Livin’ in the countryside, but drivin’ to my job in town

People say I’ve been too busy, never makin’ a sound


Can’t they see who’s followin’ me down the walk

Two lil’ youngins, brothers lovin’ to play and talk


My two boys, Pete and Re-Pete, makin’ me proud

Even when their horseplay gets a tiny bit too loud


Oh, Brother!

Photo by Necati Anil Cakirman on

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