Guest Post from Mrs. Buckeye: “A Very Special Day”

I recently enjoyed my birthday, and my wife blessed me with the gift of this delightful and loving poem.  She is an incredible writer in her own right.  As I read this poem, I definitely feel 65 years young.

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It was a very special day.

The family and the world were so blessed.

It’s still a very special day.

We need to celebrate it to the best!


The Father gave a precious boy,

to grow and learn, and become a young man.

He was meant to bring precious joy,

as God teaches us daily that we can!


This precious boy became that man.

From God, and parents, and his teachers too,

he learned and grew to have a plan,

showing young minds too, all that they could do!


A proud and successful career,

as a teacher, coach, and sports A D, too.

He served boldly then forty years,

guiding his students on as they pursued!


Not only did his work stand out,

but, he helped raise his three beautiful girls,

to ladies of faith, there’s no doubt.

His example shines out into the world!


He is a very special man,

son and brother, husband, dad and grandpa,

A teacher who loves Jesus, and

a man who worships our God with much awe!


It was a very special day,

when our precious Father gave him his birth.

We celebrate this special day.

God’s gift of life filled with His Holy worth!

22 thoughts on “Guest Post from Mrs. Buckeye: “A Very Special Day”

  1. Happy Birthday, {{{Richard}}}. Thank you for sharing your wife’s lovely tribute to you. You are blessed to have a wife who appreciates who you are and tells you so in such a beautiful poetic way. You were obviously made for each other! God bless you both! ❤ ❤

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