America’s Movie Night

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Marveling at an American treasure

Outdoor movie screens offer nighttime pleasure


Drive-ins share their unique personality

Double features, hometown hospitality


Big screen stars on America’s movie night

Under the night sky, Hollywood’s best shine bright


Notable scenes from drive-ins come to the screen

Danny and Sandy from “Grease” making the scene


Winning combination fuels drive-ins’ success

Love of movies plus cars, who would ever guess?


Practicing social distancing, cars spread out

Another summer night, film-inspired blowout


Family piles into the station wagon

Good thing we traded that tiny Volkswagen


Mom and Dad, reservations in the front seat

Wearing pajamas, kids view from the back seat


Transporting all of us to a place of fun

Kids become quiet . . . fall asleep, one by one


Comfy family night under twilight’s stars

Slice of Americana, with movie stars

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Practicing social distance before anyone knew what it meant, America’s drive-ins have been a fixture since arriving in New Jersey in 1933.  Following World War II, the American landscape exploded with new drive-ins.  By 1952, outdoor movie attendance exceeded indoor theaters for the first time.  During the 1950s, the number of drive-ins peaked at 5,000 or so.  

21 thoughts on “America’s Movie Night

      • Thank you. I appreciate that.

        There was a drive-thru right down the street from my house when I was a kid. I would climb out the window and watch the movies as silent pictures. Cool experience. Indelible memory. Glad to see them waking from their sleep as a Covid Blessing of social distancing.

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