Step by Step

One of my favorite places to walk is a short drive from my home.  Walnut Woods Metro Park (the Woods) is a special place to find nature’s treasures along its easy to moderate trails.  The photographs shown with this poem were taken a few days ago.  Enjoy!

Peaceful Walnut Creek meanders along the northern border of park.

Early morning light beckons

Putting on worn hiking shoes

Overcast skies hold back rain

Nature waits with charming views


Driving to a park, the “Woods”

Tranquility always waits

Peace and beauty reaching out

Eager feet, needing no skates


Step by step, walking farther

Park’s vastness, shouting with joy

Around each bend, nature smiles

Many sights and sounds deploy


Morning excursion teases

Birds sing back and forth on cue

Precious blossoms smelling sweet

Coffee can’t top nature’s brew


Time seems to pause with each step

Today’s time comes to an end

Ticket punched for return trip

These “Woods” remain a best friend

A few signs of spring’s early blossoms still can be found, but they will soon be gone.

24 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. This is so beautiful, it really touched my heart … but the line that resonated deepest was “Coffee can’t top nature’s brew”!

    Well done and thanks for sharing your love of nature 🙂

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    • Julie, I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts about the “woods.” Since I have only lived in Ohio for 12 years, I am probably not qualified to know too much about Midwestern jargon. Back in Montana, we might use forests more than woods.


  2. Beautiful! “Coffee can’t top nature’s brew!” 💚❤️ I started my morning with a hike in the woods before humidity spikes. The spirit of Father God swirls all around and I constantly praised him! And a deer leapt in front of me and I started singing music 🎶 “As the deer”….thank you for this beautiful poem as always ❤️

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