Monday Memories: It Takes a Village

Many of my teaching years were spent in Montana where the entire community took pride in their schools, and everyone shared responsibility in raising and educating their children.   Some of my stops included Plevna, Corvallis, and Circle.

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A child is born into a world foreign and new

Arriving today with a brighter future to view


Long before a child enters school year number one

Blessings come from many for a daughter or a son


Parents bring the beginning of learning home each day

Offering nurturing love and teaching with plenty of play


Others step in to provide valued assistance along the way

Teaching from grandparents and others with much to say


A book becomes a timely, precious, and vital gift

Learning to read will open up a life—never adrift


The pre-school years finally arrive and go

Seeking ways to seek, discover, and grow


A Sunday school teacher speaks of God’s love

Enriching a young heart with Spirit from above


Kindergarten and elementary school now await

Inspiring and faithful teachers remain at its gate


Yes, it always takes an entire village to teach a child

Educating a young mind each day, makes God smile

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17 thoughts on “Monday Memories: It Takes a Village

  1. Teachers are very special people. Valued as educators and many parents will not admit this, but as stand-in parents. I grew up in a special time. So blessed to have had these special people impact on my life.
    Thank you, Big Buck Treasures indeed.

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