Father’s Identity

man in black leather jacket wearing black framed eyeglasses

Photo by Katie E on Pexels.com

Beautiful melodies

Cellos and violins

Stirring memories

New lives, set to begin


Father with daughters

Growing up with each one

Precious treasures to bless

Through Father, Holy Son


Music playing, forevermore

Images of each step

Laughter filling their rooms

Love knocks at our doorstep


Afternoon tea parties

Playing games, singing songs

Favorite storybooks

Life perfect, never wrong


Seeing their eager eyes

Savoring school’s first day

Playing in autumn’s leaves

Days never seem too gray


Watching each girl mature

Life’s incredible ride

Graduation moments

Wedding days at their side


Playing in the background

Peaceful serenity

Past, special moments

Father’s identity

My life has been blessed with a splendid and loving trio of daughters who have made fatherhood a true blessing.  I was listening to a rendition of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major” as I wrote this poem.  I especially enjoy strings or piano (all three of my daughters are accomplished piano players).  Here is a sample of the music.  Enjoy!


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