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Watching a curious child

Witnessing sparkles of joy

Blessing us with innocence

Seeing how life will deploy


Finding daily adventure

Lighting up every room

Reaching out with innocence

Moving with a speedy vroom


Revealing wonders of life

Surviving each bump and bruise

Shining through with innocence

Napping now, let’s take a snooze


Playing through daily lessons

Sharing love with extra zest

Teaching us with innocence

Enjoying life with each quest

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25 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. Ah yes, the way children cheer us by “Shining through with innocence” is such a lifesaver these days! I videotaped myself reading a darling book titled, “When Will It Be Spring?” and sent it to my 4 to 7 year old Sunday School children. We have not been able to meet since this VOVID-19 shutdown. I miss them! I received the cutest responses back from them, one of whom videotaped her response. Our weather here in s-w Montana is snowy and blowy. Feels like spring will never come! But there was definitely the promise of spring in those children! Your poem is delightful, Richard. Thank you for the “sparkles of joy.”

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      • May your whole day sparkle with joy, Richard. Happy 1st Sunday after Easter. Our sermon today was about the humor at created several years (decades?) of this day being known for its joyfulness. (I posted the sermon on JanBeek – along with Steve’s terrific children’s message and his prayers. I know you will enjoy it).

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