Treasured Pleasures

Sunrise at Walnut Woods

Sunrise at Walnut Woods Metro Park in central Ohio. 

Every day, filling with precious moments

Life’s simple pleasures, love-filling treasures

Never again, take any for granted

Traveling life’s long road, each step measures


Darkened dawn sky, erupting with bright hues

Granddaughter taking first tentative walk

Life sometimes slows down, bringing a replay

Neighborhood sidewalk, hopscotch drawn in chalk


Neil Diamond lyrics, harmony through song

Mother calls, reminding me her love cares

Favorite novel, author’s words smile back

Trio of daughters, sweeter than a pair


Evening sunset, brings awesome pleasures

Tomorrow, witnessing simple treasures

November 30, 2014 005

Sunset in Columbus, Ohio.

18 thoughts on “Treasured Pleasures

    • Leola, we all have so many individual treasures filed away in our memories. I have been tapping into more of them in recent days. I appreciate your kind words about the sunset photo. It was taken from where I live.


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