Through Another Lens

selective focus photo of magnifying glass

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Waking up early on a darkened, rainy morn

Unable to walk, disrupting my usual norm


Turning off the news, craving a necessary break

Immersing in other blogs, with their unique take


Sharing thoughtful comments, here and there

Always reminded, so many people truly care


This stubborn mind stores much, obsolete clutter

Causing my mature engine to cough and sputter


Life’s music sometimes offers a stimulating tune

Witnessing other perspectives, into an afternoon


Discovering positive discussions, comforting my mind

Challenging me to see, we’ll endure and be just fine


Life’s lens sometimes fails, entirely clouded over

Like searching for a four-leaf, in a field of clover


As a culture, broadcasting anew from many landscapes

Exchanging ideas, opening our lens to exciting escapes


Our Lord, fashioning in us a curious intellect to wear

Stepping out, witnessing life as others wish to share


Reading God’s Word, helping to clear the murky view

Seeing life through His lens, aligning honest and true

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20 thoughts on “Through Another Lens

  1. i love how though many of us believe in different faiths, the idea of God keeps us all equally grounded. this is a beautiful poem, thank you for this!

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