Monday Memories: Fairy Tale Dream

This poem has been updated from its original post from February, 2019.  Take note of a technique used in the style which links each pair of verses together.  

afterglow art backlit birds

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Jack hurriedly climbs the lofty beanstalk

Hoping to take Cinderella out for a walk


Cinderella looks out her window, slightly bitter

Left with Little Boy Blue, her tiny, glass slipper


Little Boy Blue feels like enjoying an afternoon nap

Hearing Snow White calling awakens him in a snap


Snow White hopes the Seven Dwarfs hurry back

Fearing the Big Bad Wolf will hide her in his sack


The Big Bad Wolf plans to enjoy a scrumptious feast

Hiding from Little Jack Horner who lives in the East


Little Jack Horner feels too full to devour a pie

Leaving the sweets for Jill who says, “Oh my!”


Jill loses her footing, tumbling down and down

Causing Jack to wake up, with a sleepy frown


Little Jack’s wonderful dream felt pleasing and fine

Reminding him that more stories wait for next time


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