Autumn Celebration

alley autumn autumn colours autumn leaves

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Reflecting back to summer one final time

Thankful now, fall air has arrived—so fine


Enjoying late night, chilly times around the fire pit

Roasting marshmallows, everyone warms and sits


A pre-dawn morning welcomes an autumn walk

Bringing opportunities for a brisk God-filled talk


Grooming up the yard before winter cold arrives

Raking leaves as long as tired muscles survive


Friday nights bring fans to exciting high school football games

Which teams will stand out on their way to victory and fame?

action adult american football athlete

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Observing another magnificent setting sun

Rich hues and shadows generate much fun


The sun settles below the horizon, very distant

The harvest moon will soon arrive in an instant


Farmers work steady throughout the busy daytime

Harvest will soon finish up, making families feel fine


Walking through a peaceful and empty city park

Falling leaves cause trees to look bare and stark


Enjoying this most favorite season of the year

Let’s take a road trip, to someplace far or near


The calendar fills with festivals and celebrations

Octoberfest and bazaars reach out to a nation

woman inside booth

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

Fall and Halloween décor showcased on time

Encouraging autumn’s images to further shine


Nature prepares for another frigid, winter season

Squirrels and chipmunks stay busy with a reason


A camera lens wakes up to spectacular views

Autumn’s pigments captured, brilliant and true


Driving down the highway on a sun-filled afternoon

The dazzling show of autumn’s colors will end soon


Sorting through mothballed clothing once again

Finding that winter coat—where have you been?

red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water

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