Haiku Series #19 (Humor)

Good Morning

 Hey you, wake-up man

It’s Monday morning, again—

Hit the snooze, repeat!

alarm alarm clock analogue clock

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Traffic Jam

 Cars backed up on road

What’s holding up traffic now?

Pair of geese fighting

car side mirror showing heavy traffic

Photo by STANLEY NGUMA on Pexels.com



 Home of the Whopper

Welcome to your Burger King—

What’s with the tacos?

person showing taco with parsley on top

Photo by Vinícius Caricatte on Pexels.com

26 thoughts on “Haiku Series #19 (Humor)

  1. I tried the tacos at Burger King. Very disappointing! Hopefully it was just that one location, but the taco shell itself was nice and crispy. It just seemed like they had double deep fried the whole thing, including the vegetables!

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