Back to School

Another school year has arrived in America.  I can fondly remember the return of school both as a student and later as a teacher.  The classrooms will come alive with the energy of countless children under the instruction of caring teachers and staff.

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Store advertisements passionately proclaim

Ending another summer’s leisure and games


“Back to School” cries out across the land

Sounding like a hit song from a rock band


Lazy, easy days of summer are sadly ending

School days are approaching, no pretending


Summertime and kids at home will very soon end

Cheering parents welcome school, ready to begin


Teachers feel invigorated and all set to go

Preparing classrooms for learning to know


Families make ready for the kick off of school

Buying supplies and clothing—honestly cool!


Schools stand ready with a spotless shine

Cleaning, waxing, and repairs look all fine


Everything looks prepared for one more year

Learnin’ bout the three R’s, no reason to fear


Attention all children, wake-up and now hear

Ringing school bells announce far and near


“Back to School” has arrived for all

Moving forward from summer to fall

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13 thoughts on “Back to School

    • Thank you for stopping to read. Much of my writing is poetry, but I write in other forms from time to time.

      Best wishes for you. Be patient with your blog, but continue to write from your heart with amazing content. I will be reading more of your posts.


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