Morning Blues

close up photo of teal digital clock

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on

My alarm clock thunders awake

How rude!  No peace you make


Monday arrives in its callous way

Why can’t the weekend just stay?


The snooze button enjoys a workout

Will be late for work, never any doubt


Stirring now, just barely able to see

The week ahead, won’t find me free


Turning on the shower with haste

Cold water freezes a tender face


Monday morning honestly, is no pleasure

Definitely feeling humble, without treasure


Tying my shoes causes scant joy

Breaking a shoelace now, oh boy!


No time for coffee or anything to eat

Planning a Starbucks stop for a treat


Starting the car and seeing a worry

Low fuel gauge adds to heated fury


Stopping quick-like for fuel on the run

This Monday doesn’t look like any fun


Driving like a crazy man on the road

Pulling into an empty lot, no one told


This Monday is a holiday, no work today

Why didn’t anyone remind me and say?


Could have slept in, you mindless fool

Being forgetful, honestly ain’t too cool

photography of parking lot

Photo by Jose Espinal on

Normally, I am an early riser in the morning.  So this poem doesn’t apply to me very often.  When I was teaching in a small Montana town years ago, we had a day off on the school calendar.  I  happened to be going into my building in the morning to catch up on some work.  What should drive up?  You would never guess.  A school bus!  Earl had dutifully driven his morning bus route, and the bus was, of course, empty.   I still laugh about this.




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