Running in Life’s Marathon



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Some equate dealing with this life to running a race

Of course, sometimes we pause and turnabout face

Wise people say, “Persistent and steady wins the race”

Better than hurrying to eat dinner without saying grace

Others encourage with, “Hurry up and build it now”

Oh my!  Can’t one stop to relax and take a bow?

Another calls out, “Experience it today works best”

What about using tomorrow—no worries one jests!

All of the above wisdom may be honest and true

But God will wait patiently until we are all through

We are all imperfections in God’s all-seeing eyes

Life will bring new challenges as each year flies

There is always another hill to climb so we can see

The greener grass sometimes turns brown for thee

Life throws “stuff” along our way, not always good

Sometimes we lack courage to go when we should

It is time to finish the big race and succeed

Anything less sells us short of our final deed

All should count their blessings—so many

God fills us up with much joy for all and any

Life’s journey seems like a marathon run

Take it one day at a time, enjoy the fun!


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