Midnight Walk

afterglow backlit beautiful crescent moon

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Stirring from my deep sleep at midnight

Seeing someone moving in the dim light

Hearing a gentle voice whispering my name

Calling out, “Missing you has been a shame”

Recognizing that her gentle voice is familiar, not new

Appearing now, my beloved Grandma comes into view

Walking towards me, she carries no fear

Listening to a voice so true and very dear

Saying again that I’ve been deeply missed

Bowing down, my forehead receives a kiss

Remembering previous days with her brings a smile

Telling me kindly, let’s walk together now for awhile

Asking her a question, “Is it now my time?”

Replying back, “No, but you must climb”

Facing a wall that records each of my sins

Condemning me, comes Darkness again

Reaching down comes a firm, strong hand

Grabbing hold, my feet flee sinking sand

Gazing upward, my Grandma has departed and left

Taking her place arrives Christ, raised from death


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