Humbling Moments

wooden desk with books on top

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A football team clings to a slim lead with only few seconds to go

Allowing a “Hail Mary” touchdown pass is quite a humbling blow

A traffic reporter drives to work with a great deal of haste

Running into a gigantic traffic jam seals her humbling fate

A coach’s conduct melts down along the sideline of a big game

Watching the other team score, humbles and brings him shame

A harsh winter storm drops the temperature below freezing

Humbled by an empty woodpile and no fire, starts the sneezing

A driver stands humbled as he frets about his emptiness of fuel

Waving at his stalled car, an old man drives quickly past his view

The #1 basketball team tries to hang on with a narrow win

Swishing a 3-point goal, their hopes are humbled and grow dim

An experienced bow hunter has a large bull elk in his sights

Seeing his arrow miss, leaves him humbled and in a fright

On the final hole, a golfer lines up her short putt to finish first

Missing it, humbles her and means less money to put in her purse

A lovely bride removes and sets aside her new wedding ring

Knocking it down the shower’s drain, will humble and sting

A basketball player drives to the hoop to make a winning shot

Falling to the floor, a sprained ankle humbles him and hurts a lot

A delicious, roasting turkey should soon be about done

Forgetting to turn on the oven, humbles one with no fun

A downcast writer sits at a keyboard powerless to write today

Unable to find his thoughts, humbles him with nothing to say

A democracy’s leader utters falsehoods and continues to deceive

Hiding from consequences that will soon humble him to believe




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