A River’s Journey

photo of lake side

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Meandering endlessly and aimlessly it seems

Infinitely pursuing each horizon downstream


The river faces its journey, to the ocean out to the west

Bringing much attention to itself, without taking a rest


Being fed from above, by mountain run-off far away

Roaming bank full and quickly, with not much to say


A friendly, gentle breeze offers cool, refreshing air

Bubbles rising up from a muskrat that doesn’t care


At times, the journey is surrounded by a background of trees

Arriving softly, the whispering wind says, “Please let me be”


Green, lush meadows encroach upon its rocky shore

While early spring flowers burst with color and more


Young willows grow along the river’s flank

Tree roots hidden, invisible below the bank


A large, brown trout rises gracefully above the bubbling water

Meanwhile downstream, mischief abounds with a pair of otters


An isolated cottonwood tree stands as a lone lookout

While a hungry grizzly bear wades in to pull a fish out


Sparkles of dancing light, reflecting by way of a bright sun

Providing opportunities for fishermen, casting for their fun


The vibration of splashes from a pair of wooden oars

Announces the arrival of a canoe, searching for more


A small island appears on the bend ahead—quiet and barren

There is always fascination with what nature will be wearing


Pushing ahead, an overloaded creek discharges its rampant load

The water’s own noises sometimes sound like a chorus of toads


Continuing to drive ahead toward the setting sun

The ageless river welcomes the end of its long run



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