Fascination Calls

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Pexels.com

Eyes looking skyward

Symphony’s rhythm

Galaxy sparkles

Night’s algorithm


Trying to focus

Heavens lighting up

Fascination calls

Universe close-up


Each night different

Constellations speak

Billions of voices

Infinite mystique


Chasing one starship

Courageous and bold

Man’s final frontier

Destiny unfolds


Distant cosmos soars

Beyond any star

Hyperspace journey

Dreams traveling far


Beyond today’s world

Young boy’s mind takes flight

Ancient comets glow

Rivers filled with light


Photo by Luis Felipe Alburquerque Briganti on Pexels.com

A young lad dreams of space travel as he enters grade school in the early 1960s.  Images of astronauts and space capsules begin an adventure.  Building models of the Apollo spacecraft tags along with “Star Trek” and more.  As a mature adult, the journey continues.

Nighttime Stardust

Photo by Marco Milanesi on Pexels.com

Night after night

Scanning heavens above

Each constellation

Sharing Creator’s love


Crossing each bridge

Destination ahead

Chasing every star

Father tucks into bed


Hours fill with dreams

Flowing always downstream

Nighttime sky lights up

Flying on stardust beams


Sleeping soundly

Night returning from flight

Waking to sunrise

Goodbye for now moonlight


Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com