Rugged Beauty

Have you ever visited any of America’s western badlands?  Some of my travels have allowed the me the privilege to experience these wonders of nature.

2018 August Montana Trip 185

A panoramic view of the Painted Canyon Overlook off of Interstate 94 near Medora, North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Hidden beauty, waiting to be found

Western badlands, ready to be crowned


Nature proclaims its rugged features

Wildlife views from its austere bleachers


Kaleidoscope of creatures around

Falcons, eagles, deer, bison abound


Barren environment, a wasteland

Native tribes nicknaming this “bad land”


Slippery clay gumbo, sinking sand

Fur trappers evade these harsh badlands


Timely erosion unearths treasures

Fossil beds offering up pleasures


Late spring rains transform the quiet view

Green velvet covers buttes, right on cue


Sleeping landscape erupts with color

Prairie flowers dazzle and holler


Brilliant colors reflect morning’s light

Ravines, gullies paint prismatic sights

2018 August Montana Trip 187

Another view of the North Dakota badlands.  If one looks closely, there is an American Bison (Buffalo) in the center of this photo.

My journeys out West have allowed me to visit three of America’s treasured badlands:  Makoshika State Park (near Glendive, Montana), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (near Medora, North Dakota), and Badlands National Park (near Rapid City, South Dakota).