Clutching Future’s Past

This poem embarks on an emotional journey, and I hope that my words have been respectful to all.  For some readers, these verses may bring back painful memories.  For others, a greater awareness of war’s images may come about.  

Photo by Sammie Sander on

Forceful, overnight tears

Halting rhythm to dreams

Shrouded in darkness

Dreading war’s extremes


Night’s stillness collapsing

Watching another scene

Filled with emotion

Fighting war . . . obscene!


Memories burst apart

Reliving fateful night

Cherished love taken

Losing precious knight


Distant battle breathes

Recalling sacrifice

Honored for courage

Paying supreme price


Sorrows of rain salute

Weeping nation holds fast

Gathered now as one

Clutching future’s past


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

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