No Longer

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Facing life’s challenges

Decisions needing to be made

Stepping with confidence

No longer feeling afraid


Listening to own heart

Negative thoughts fading away

Taking positive steps

No longer leading astray


Flexing new attitude

Tomorrow inviting fresh start

Letting yesterday go

No longer filling sad heart


Leaving darkness behind

Choices finding healthy outlets

Loving new direction

No longer bringing regrets


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11 thoughts on “No Longer

  1. I love the poem, I personally have difficulty letting go of a sad heart with the recent passing of my mom. I shout I choose to be happy….then my sad heart finds me. Grief is a hard road. I love at end your suggestions as they are very helpful. Blessings 🙌

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  2. Love the last lines of each verse. I picture myself turning away from fear, negative thoughts, error, sadness, regret, and darkness, and turning toward confidence, reassurance, rightness, joy, light, and satisfaction–all found in our relationship with God.

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