Time So Precious

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

Clock’s movements quietly advance

Calendar pages keep turning

Realizing now, time so precious

Yesterday, never returning


Today, now galloping away

Each moment quickly discarded

Vanishing minutes tearing up

Uncertain time left unguarded


Tomorrow arrives much too soon

Yesterday feeling incomplete

Searching for one more treasured hour

Empty time becomes bittersweet


Distant dreams fill with missing days

Harmony’s peacefulness arrives

Pursuing extra, precious time

Delights harvested from archives


Morning sunrise gathers on time

Eagerness to explore today

Looking forward, cherished outlook

Every moment planning to stay


Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

26 thoughts on “Time So Precious

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  2. Time So Precious — Big Sky Buckeye

    I wrote this for you as a thank you for being one of the sites which is keeping me going. I shared this on fb/twitter too, to help other people who are struggling with sobriety. Hope you don’t mind your site is one of the ones that kept me going over the past couple days. I have severe PTSD, paranoid schizophrenia and a litany of other issues and am in recovery from drugs and alcohol. You are one of the ones that is going to help me make it to 90 days in 2 days.

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  3. In the Bible, there are two words used for time: chronos, which is reflected in our ‘chronology’ and such, and kairos, which refers to event-filled time, like ‘the time we went to England.’ When phrases like “in the fullness of time” crop up in the Bible, the word in the Greek often is ‘kairos’ rather than ‘chronos.’ English doesn’t have a way to distinguish the two meanings so easily. Me? I want a kairometer for Christmas!

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