Strength in Adversity

From Psalm 46:1:  “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

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Imperfect life’s darkness

One more faltering step

Defeat again knocking

Discouragement’s doorstep


Observing faithful light

Glowing with lasting hope

Strength in adversity

Grasping mercy’s firm rope


Hearing Father, trust grows

Transforming future days

Faith journey maturing

Receiving grace, let’s pray


Evil’s message scuttled

Healing from Father’s hand

Peace brings lasting comfort

Affirming His commands


Beholding mighty works

Melting away concerns

Impossible vanquished

Trusting Father’s U-turn

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From the words of English-born preacher Charles Inwood:  “When God is going to do a wonderful thing, He begins with a difficulty.  When He is going to do a very wonderful thing, He begins with an impossibility.”

23 thoughts on “Strength in Adversity

  1. This Psalm is about God’s protection and strength in the face of difficulty. We can always count on God to provide us with strength in difficult times. May we always rely on Him for guidance and support in our lives.

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  2. “Observing faithful light….glowing with lasting hope”. Amen, Richard! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and wonderful quote. God truly gives strength! Endurance leads to hope (I was thinking of Paul’s message in Romans). Stay blessed and healthy!

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  3. Richard, your words were a comfort here! So thankful for God’s u-turns when we find ourselves walking in the wrong direction. The snippet scripture from church was,”let the weak SAY they are strong! When we fin ourselves weak and weary, let us speak positive with the fruit of our lips! YES! WE ARE STRONG! 🙌🏼

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