Monday Memories: Daily Prayer

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Dear Lord

Make me a man

Of fervent prayer


God’s Holy Word

Commands me to pray

Without ceasing


Encourage me

To bring everything

To you my Lord


When discouraged

Let me pray

You are my refuge


When joyful

Let me offer

Prayers of thanksgiving


In all things

Great and small

At all times


Whether happy or sad

Let me seek

Your wisdom and grace



Today, may God bring you the courage to ask him for guidance.  Ask Him to lead you to a “right” place.

Originally published on June, 2019.

14 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Daily Prayer

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    • Jan, I appreciate your kind words. This prayer was written at a time when I needed time with God, and these verses summarized much of what was in my heart. We enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving with the families of our two Ohio daughters.


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