Foggy Presence

Morn’s foggy presence

Hiding life itself

Nature’s thick blanket

Covering herself


Damp, misty drizzle

Adding with each drop

Nature’s wet coating

Causing traffic stops


Time waits, suspended

Clouding over sky

Nature’s shy retreat

Blocking watchful eyes


Cool air presses in

Chilling every bone

Nature’s icy balm

Spreading frigid zone


Another hour hides

Leaving denser fog

Nature’s signature

Sleeping dialogue


Taken in the fall of 2021, this foggy scene comes from Walnut Woods Metro Park.

13 thoughts on “Foggy Presence

  1. The last couple of days have given this same effect to our landscape There’s something ominous and foreboding about fog. It creates the perfect backdrop for mystery. Great photos and poetry as usual.

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  2. Lovely thoughts about your misty, moisty morning (Remember that nursery rhyme? Alas, that’s the only line that’s coming to MY mind. Seems like it was about meeting up with an old man on the road.) I do like the peace and coziness of fog–as long as I don’t have to drive in it!

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